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it is 1969. Summertime has erupted as the apollo lunar module transplants man to the moon for the very first time.

tracy and her slumber partying friends find out about a far-out contest where a lucky girl will win a date with gary, lead singer of gary and the gammarays, whose hit song is available on the back of crispy chocolate cinnamon crunch cereal. if you’re the girl who finds a cellophane-wrapped gold record in your box of cereal, you win a date with gary!

guess who finds the gold record? Tracy! the gammarays biggest fan! but trouble is double-bubbled now! tracy’s bachelor father says no to the trip to hollywood -- because he’s busy at nasa helping to engineer the moon landing. But dad!!!

will tracy chase her dream and go to hollywood to be with gary? will dad choose the moon over his daughter? will the bubblegum music pop before we ever find out?!

I’m so dizzy my head is spinning!

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Our amazing heroine!

“Sugar, sugar” was the number one hit song in america in 1969, the year we landed on the moon!